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Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Technology is Patent Pending: 61254675 Note‐ The ʹSpatial Lightʹ and ʹEternal Light and the ʹSelf Chargingʹ NILS (near infinity light system) Light Systems have never been released to public domain and are therefore protected under patent pending status (World Wide).
Whenever experimenting with any of the circuits presented here the following precautions apply.
  1. Do not look directly at any of the Super White LED’s, Neon’s or Xenon’s connected to one of the circuits without OSHA approved eye protection. A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF UV LIGHT CAN BE PRESENT AND PRESENT AN EXTREME HEALTH HAZARD.
  2. All Exciter circuits presented here can potentially cause RF burns. Under normal conditions a person will not feel the burn taking place until after the damage is done. Never touch or hold onto any component or exposed wire when a circuit has applied power.
  3. Do not experiment with any of these devices if you are not qualified and aware of all the dangers presented.
  4. Always perform experiments under controlled conditions and comply with the FCC rules and regulations.
-Open source energy engineer Dr. Ronald R. Stiffler End Quote.
The Stiffler Scientific (Website) have made the recent SEC 18-1 Exciter Series available primarily for Research and Development. Also Stiffler Scientific are offering for License three different technologies, ([1] - Electrolyzer to Direct Flame), ([2] - Spatial Light Systems) and ([3] - Eternal Light Systems). The licenses are for exclusive manufacture and sale. Please Email Dr Stiffler for any interests, the emails is contained on his web site mentioned above.
Dr. Stiffler has been a great asset to the FREE energy communities, however other forums have in the past forced Dr. Stiffler to move on; this was due to some forums being full of dysfunctional people. Dr. Stiffler has stated that he intends to provide as much information as possible but will not accept ignorance in any form.
Further before we even get started, Dr. Stiffler wishes to state for the record that you cannot create or destroy energy, but you can tap other forms that are not currently understood or utilized. Very, very simply put, the interface is capacitive and all matter is surrounded by unlimited amounts of energy in different forms. With a proper interface some of this energy can be cohered and utilized.
This understanding puts Dr. Stifflers system in the category of a C.O.P (Co Efficiency of Performance) energy pump, which is operating as an open system. This does not violate the law of thermo dynamics, or the law of the conservation of energy. Dr. Stifflers ultimate goal from all associate experimenters that are collectively aiding in the replication of his system is to acquire sufficient data in order to publish a paper on 'Spatial Energy Coherence' (SEC). The SEC Theory Paper by Dr. Stifflers will be presented with the hope of advancing the faculties’ education.
Dr. Stiffler in his research and coming SEC Theory prefers to replace the concept and term of C.O.P. with a new term called CEC or 'Cohered Energy Coefficient'), which is a far more accurate way of looking at the Cohered Energy recovery and utilization.
CEC is a simple mathematical description indication what appears to be energy gain but is rather the Coherence of a different form of energy into a form that can be added to and used by one or more of the circuits developed by Dr. Stiffler.
Dr. Stiffler believes (as do others) that the connotation of OU (Over Unity) is a bad acronym, the reason being that it could give the impression that something is obtained from nothing and by doing so we can obtain what is also a misnomer 'A self running' machine or device. The universe in which we exist is full of energy, but in many ways it like a vitamin K injection, until you have one, the energy that you feel is not present in any other way.
There is a FINITE amount of energy in the universe, which is defined by the mass of the universe, we cannot change that, but we can convert one form to another that in our limited view appears to be that old and out dated description called 'OU'.
SEC Exciters (Do Not) create energy; they do not amplify energy either. Think of an Exciter as causing a door to open slightly and allowing a natural energy to leak through into the circuit
A simplification would be looking at a flowing river where you see massive amounts of water flowing past a reference point, yet you cannot in your mind grasp the energy that you are seeing, but allow that water to turn turbines and you will see that you can obtain millions of kilowatts of electricity. This is how simple it is in the understanding. No magic, a mere manipulation of what is already here (and not previously tapped) and turned into heat or electricity, a form of energy we can easily understand.
It is important that whenever referencing open systems to make them appear EXACTLY as they are for the outside mainstream academia and to not give a “distraction” so to speak.
Think of a soap bubble rising from a soap filled container. How would you evaluate that bubble? You cannot grab it and manipulate it, you cannot insert a pressure meter to measure the internal pressure, let along weighing it presents a number of problems. So when you look at an Exciter think of that bubble, you change it operational parameters or conditions in even a marginal way, you have good odds of destroying its operational state.
To measure parameters of that bubble and a SEC Exciter is difficult at best, but not impossible, so long as you keep your distance and do not disturb the medium in which it floats. The SEC Exciter is forming a capacitive interface to the universal energy lattice and disturbing it with its extreme bandwidth excitation. Each frequency in the excitation is causing a vibration of the building blocks of the lattice and so confusing them that they become chaotic for nanoseconds of time. (***)
These short burst of time where the fabric trying to recover its normal quiescent energy state is when energy is added to the Exciter. Doctor Stiffler has already demonstrated “interesting” effects, in his video’s after a few minutes he is charging up his 3Farad cap with his new ultra wideband oscillator together with his Avramenko plug (Stanislav Avramenko in 1993 has performed an energy transmission experiment without return to mass, that is with an only cable, with very low losses and very high energy density respect the conductor's area). He also has a great measurement system up there in his videos.
Mean time it does not help if others who do not understand the experiment and or have not replicated this work continue to post and jump on Ron labeling him as “some kook”. When it all is resolved Ron just may be able to find someone who will publish ‘SEC’. This would significantly help to bring the outside “mainstream faculties” into participation of this area of research and the free energy genre in general. Humanity wins.
At this point Ron states that time and additional duplications will help “clear it up” and make the phenomena better understood one way or another.
Over many years of work in electronics Ron often experienced artifacts that were strange and impossible to understand from his classical training. Ron like others was always taught to suppress oscillations and “spurious signals”. The book says add filters as it is all bad. Ron now understands this to be a false idea and direction, because, as his experiments have shown, in the noise of a self induced oscillation we find the interface to one level of the 'Energy Lattice'.
Ron’s many years of work were spent in getting a feel and good understanding for how to stabilize the chaos (where it all hides). He has seen and worked with many different ways to pull from the lattice and some more effective and many different manifestations in the returns, running from heat to cold and “localized spatial modification”.
Many people over the last 150 years have seen most if not all of what Ron has seen, yet they focused in most cases only on ”one”. The Doc’s direction is to solve the interface in a way that it can be a producer of all the possible return.
The ability to accept the SEC theory requires you dump all you know today about electronics, save a few basic things and then look at what is going on. Will you get it and understand, NO not at first. It’s like trying to swim with a pair of waders on (Ron hopes this has meaning to some), you’re going to sink and drown unless you get those damn waders off.
With all this in mind, Ron has begun a paper on all of our findings: Abstract--In this paper I present an overview of the early research and experimentation with single wire similar to that conducted by Nicola Tesla [1], S. V. Avramenko [2] and Alexander V. Frolov [3]. My early research and experimentation led to the development of the ‘Spatial Energy Coherence’ [4] theory and a number of interesting and naval circuits, many of which appearing to be viable Alternative Energy Sources.
Ron is now able to "PROVE" that a SEC Exciter is a "Negative Resistance" in operation. The SEC Exciters are bifurcating oscillators as well as negative resistance oscillators. Models have been presented as SEC, S-Gate and the Alu ball. (More detail in the description section). There are three parts to a SEC Exciter according to Ron, RF (conventional), Longitudinal, (conventional) and Spatial (unconventional). SEC is Spatial in that it can stimulate the 'Energy Lattice' (the foundation of everything according to Ron) and cause an increased localized activity which results in energy being cohered into the exciter (at all points) and certain types of mass. The secret to SEC is to funnel this cohered energy into a localized load on the exciter (we do not want uniform or marginal localized spots as it tends to average out and no return is seen. What does mass have to do with it?).
This is a complex behavior in a fully active device which in tests operated both in the linear and non-linear modes. On bifurcation there are a few very good papers, one of which was done on the Colpitts oscillator model, although the basic model for a SEC Exciter is closer to the Clapp oscillator. You might look at JLN's sight for his Negistor work. Seeing this you will understand the difficulty of modeling Ron’s design.
There are a few possible directions experimentation can go, there are enough circuits all alike out there that we have a firm base to work from. So here are the directions Ron states we can go.
  1. Explore the decoupling of the output so we can get EI to do something like power itself.
  2. Continue improvement of the heat generation from the current configurations using a host of different plasmas.
  3. Go back and explore the capacitor charging done in the beginning.
  4. Move into the H2 production (although in my mind we need >10 to turn this back into EI) for everyday use.
So where do you all want to go and what do you want EI, H2 or Heat? If you want Heat, we do direct heat, yes you can get heat from EI and H2, but the conversion loss says go for what you want directly.
The public all share a common goal in freeing themselves from the depleting and polluting fossil fuels. Given the multi trillion dollar oil industries, until we have a SECURE public land mark dedicated to the protection and education of alternative or “free energy” technology, open source engineers must continue work on alternative energy research.
Free energy research cannot be confined to “professional scientists”, developers or inventors. Ron and other open source engineers are willing to work with non-academic or non-industrial research and development personnel to produce creditable work and offerings. Mean time open source engineers (who work on no budget), mutton, amigo, Lidmotor, Loki67671, aether22, stephenafreter and many others have all shown that the SEC potential for light applications and battery charging is tremendous. The Variant experiments are not without their moments, we can thank Lidmotor for some of them.
Ron has even run the SEC with a CBE 12V 160mA, brushless motor, it runs a cooling fan just fine. We are all lucky to be reading this; as now thanks to the open source community and especially Ron the 3rd and now 4th Gen SEC's are here. The SEC has been ramped up; the SEC is now viable for heating and light sources with displayed gain. New moderate power PCB's have already been produced and tested, 5-30 watts.
Many open source engineers are currently doing variant experiments and helping to expand the effect and improve it. Pirate labs have also produced an interesting Earth battery which could be used to power the SEC, and is free energy in any ones language. Others in the free energy genre like Mr Newman, Mr Bedini etc have very generously given their technologies to public, if the average engineer finds it more difficult to reproduce or scale up, the SEC is very affordable and promising. The big plus is that with Ron’s technology, compared to some others, he has made all the details accessible, most of all other inventors always keep hiding some.
Ron has also produced an interesting (putting it mildly) electrolyser. In the spirit of altruism, Ron gave this information away for free to humanity. This is a sobering reminder that the Free energy open source spirit is alive and well:
One of the latest discoveries of 'coupling' a SEC with water, for fluorescent lights and now electrolysis is very impressive. More detail on this technology will be discussed in the description and faculty section. Ron has published his own scientific papers on his work on his web site and has made them available at cost to help advance education.
Dr Stiffler has since completed vigorous testing and enhancements to the original SEC exciters. Various modifications have now been done to illustrate specific effects and for driving specific loads. Different SEC boards with these modifications are used for I.e. - anomalous activity, calorimetric studies, electrolyser tuning, running brush less motors and incandescent lights, battery charging, one wire and wireless transmission and general understanding of the SEC theory.
Recently in 2010 the Doc proved why FREE energy research must not be confined to professional scientists. Can a professional scientist tell you if this method of electrolysis is possible?
Lidmotor’s replication of the Spatial Gas Generation System
A new process of electrolysis has been discovered by the doc, please check Ron’s page covering the Spatial Gas Generation System. Additional notes on this process have been posted in the SEC electrolysis section of this document. Don't miss the very important point of SGGS, it is wireless, this alone reduces loss via resistance in wire connections and heating of the batteries, wires and electrolyte (even though in conventional electrolysis a certain amount of heat aids the process).Is SGGS able to produce more energy via H2 than is used by the Exciters? Well the Exciters have a CEC>1 when properly tuned.
The SEC is an energy provider, it just so happens that the window is through the AV Plug and a broad spectrum excitation. Ron states that we have three main directions;
  1. Work where COP>1, this can be light or mechanical such as the motor
  2. Direct HEAT production, COP>1
  3. HHO (Hydroxy) production, COP>1
  4. Cooling (this is a whole story in itself)
The SEC version15-20 is the demo of both worlds and the SEC 15-3 is the basic work horse. If everyone is careful the 15-3 is a fun board for sure and with the plate and 24V it makes heat.Some points of fact that should be of interest to all following or working on these circuits.
A) If your SEC amplifier has both ends of either the Primary or Secondary coil connected, SEC power amplification WILL NOT take place. One end of each coil MUST be OPEN for SEC interface to excess energy.
B) The purpose of a SEC circuit is not to see how many LEDs you can drive, rather the purpose is to see how many you can drive where various measurements indicates Pout/Pin > 1. This can be seen in various configurations from 1 to 90 LEDs. The current in the LED string and the average voltage drop across a representative LED time the number of LEDs is what you want to compare to the input. The light emitted energy is a bonus and not a required measurement to insure SEC interface operation.
C) 99% of the working SEC amplifiers are or can be designed by conventional and proven EE methodologies. What this means is that load matching, current limitations, decoupling etc., is all know and fully applies to most of a SEC circuit.
D) If you cannot detect a HV great enough to light a neon from the AV Plug (75-90volts) then you will not see anything unconventional from your circuit, you will not see power amplification.
E) If you can touch any portion of your operating circuit with the free end of a wire at least 14" long (one end free of any connection) and see either an increase or decrease of LED intensity, your circuit is NOT operating properly and the Cohered energy is not able to be properly utilized within. A stable SEC circuit will show a barely detectable change in LED output with the addition of a wire probe.
It one engineers understanding that SEC is the oscillator part. The AV plug is to use rectify one wire electric. The Pop corn ball or egg is the radiator of L-Wave. The SEC creates L-current, AV plug rectifies it, Egg radiates as L-Wave.
The voltage developed by a SEC 15-3 (PCB) is limited by two things, the Transistor and the type of Load. When you use a Neon, the Vo (voltage out) is limited to the breakdown voltage of the Neon. Now in the SEC 15-20 the design used multiple AV Plugs which each developed their own Vo and at the end of the line was the Neon that was limiting. When using LED's the Vo is set by how many LED's you have in series or parallel and will rise for a series string to a level that will cause the reverse breakdown in the transistor to destroy it. There is in theory the possibility of developing 'infinite' voltage, except we run into many, many limitations, such as the circuit itself, ionization, humidity etc., so limits exist, yet you can get it up there.
Another thing that set the voltage and I will not go into detail, is the bandwidth of the Exciter. Next is the bandwidth and what actually responds to the output, this is where people can sometimes light FL's and Neons and sometimes only one or the other.
General info by the Doc
This we should all understand, SEC Exciters DO NOT creates energy, and the energy is cohered as a result of stimulation by an exciter. Two or more SEC Exciters will not necessarily return more energy, in fact if they are not phased properly you could cohere from two, less than you would from one. Multiple Exciters are difficult to synchronize; there is where the high power Exciter enters the picture. Do not think just pouring hundreds of exciters in a shield box will power your home, it would be most difficult to do at this point.
We have a number of people that can now do many tricks with FL's, Neon's and LED's, so can we now move into something we can build that will be useful in a practical and safe way. 1) Storage of energy. A SEC Exciter needs a bit of energy to trigger the coherence and the cohered energy needs to be stored in such a way that after a period of time we can supply our trigger energy and make use in other practical ways the excess.
2) The only two that are able to be implemented without high initial cost are batteries and capacitors. Of the two the battery will provide the greatest return for the buck. One properly sized capacitor will set a person back a minimum of $55US and to make a device that will serve you will require that you have at least 6 of the units. Lead acid batteries (others also) will give the best return for the cost and two very good batteries can be had for less than $120US.
3) Additional electronics. You will be required to construct additional control circuits. The Exciters cannot be connected direct to a battery and return a meaningful gain. We need to provide a switching system that both monitors and switches when needed. Note: Yes, if push came to shove all of this could be a manual operation, but I see no reason to stay so primitive.
4) Test equipment. Yes you will need or have access to some in order to construct and calibrate the final control systems.
5) Power Goal. I think we could consider a starting point at 45W/Hr solar panel for a return of say 207W/Hr without great cost. This would be in the range of $1KUS to $1.4kUS and with a kWHr at 0.30 would be paid for in;
Use 10 hours for a base usage period, 207W/Hr * 10 = 2.07kWHr and 2.07 * 0.30 = 0.621 per daily period. Using the worst case of 1400/0.621 = 2,254 days to recover cost, 2,254 / 365 = 6.175 years. Not to promising is it? As it is said, nothing is FREE!.
I don't think so as a daily application. I think we can move forward, but in small emergency and remote short term requirements and may use multiple Exciters to reduce weight from battery storage. In other words maybe use just a solar panel to provide trigger and make real time use of the cohered energy.
1) The 1M ohm base resistor in a 15-3 Exciter design. This resistor can indeed be removed when the exciter is in a correct mode, yet I stated this as more of an example on the part the transistor is playing, rather than a design option. The transistor should be in the circuit at all times to reduce confusion. As you tune the exciter, impedance's change and the transistor is an active part of the process, therefore you could drop out of oscillation if the resistor is not present. The resistor serves to allow the process to start and to continue during experimentation and tuning. You can use the disconnect to insure you have found a fairly stable and working mode. Foremost remember the transistor is the pump to the rest of the circuit and as such dynamic changes affecting the transistor (current, voltage and loading) are reflected into and back from the other components.
2) The issue of the coils and capacitors, (base cap and coil and collector cap and coil). These components form a complex marriage of series and parallel resonance circuits. Not only the inductance of the coils, but the inner winding capacities have a great affect on a properly working circuit. You are trying to interface into a high impedance 'Energy Lattice' swamping the circuit with capacity (other than specific parasitic configurations) will remove all possibility of seeing coherence.
Please do a couple of very simple math calculations, you need to do this to get a better handle on what is taking place. Calculate the resonant frequency of the base cap and coil, then calc the collector cap and coil. You will see that the result is HF, not VHF or UHF. So what you are doing is operating into and from high impedance's (this is why the Exciter is so sensitive to external capacity like the human body). You do not have a traditional Bell curve here, you should have and almost linear increase in impedance as the frequency increases.
3) Various tuning peaks and valleys. Depending on the coil in the base and the slug (tuning method) and the overall range of tuning as well as the Q (look this up) you can see actually two fundamentals at each voltage setting for the input supply. Voltage (does) affect tuning. Now each of the tuning settings then will of course change as voltage changes, so where you are tuned at 10V will be different when you are at 12V. Now if your coil and cap have a wide tuning range and a low Q you may have a hard time seeing a decent peak. On the other hand a wide tuning range and a high Q will allow the tuning of fundamentals and harmonics, there by presenting many so called peaks, of which again only one is correct.
4) What happens when you begin to cohere energy? Well a number of things and I will list a few here. Burn out the transistor, the returned HV exceeds the limits of the transistor. Burn out the transistor due to Heat, the output voltage is low (maybe will not light FL's) but the current goes way up. The transistor appears to be drawing <100mA ~50mA but its temperature appears at or below ambient (yes I stand behind this).
Local electronics go wild and many can be destroyed. Clocks and Watches, period timers etc that are driven by electronic oscillators will become inaccurate if not destroyed. This field can extend up to 30 meters on a 15-3 running 1.8W assumed input.
The HV from the output goes from the hot RF burn to one that cannot be felt, even though a small arc can be seen to moist skin surfaces.
5) Can the Exciter self power (close the loop so to speak). Not directly. The exciter must be isolated by three stages, all of which are single wire or wireless and properly phased. This is a very unstable condition and very hard to come by, so please do not focus here, focus on obtaining excess energy through coherence. Don't become selfish. If we can get everyone to say 30% or 70% excess you all could tell the utilities to whistle in the wind, right?
The reason I put these circuits out to the public, was to ask for help in duplication so that the answers can be found. These devices are not off the shelf and are FAR from being able to be manufactured and heal the world. I was under the impression that forums are a group that are willing to experiment and build circuits in an effort to reach something productive?
If this is not the case then of course these devices do not need to be discussed here. There is NO hard fast rules or MASTER parts list to build from that gives the Holy Grail device. Experimentation is required in order for others to see if they arrive at the same place that I have. I have disclosed and am continuing to disclose all information I have on my web site. – Dr Ron Stiffler
Links to site content: Ron has provided the following documents to illustrate construction, measurement methods and what equipment is involved in these circuits.
Ron’s most recent experimentation has moved towards wireless and one wire power transfer in lighting and in electrolyser technology. The following is the most recent circuit with one wire energy transfer.
Wireless or One-Wire Energy Transmission Construction Guide
Single Wire Coil Excitation
SEC Exciter Measurement Methods
Note- The doc recommends The SEC15-20 as the best overall circuit to study the operation of a Spatial Exciter as it presents not only the different loads but also it is a chain linked single wire energy provider to the various loads.
For parts list and assembly instructions please consult the following documents
Assemble Your SEC15/20 Circuit Board Kit
For background information into the early research and experimentation with single wire technology similar to that conducted by Nikola Tesla [1], S. V. Avramenko and Alexander V. Frolov that led to the development of the ‘Spatial Energy Coherence’ research and experimentation - Please consult the following document:
For battery charging applications and research please consult the following document:
SEC Battery Charging
The 'Spatial Gate' is the AC (Alternating Current) equivalent of the AV Plug used in many SEC Exciter Circuits. For background and info please refer to the following document.
The 'Spatial Gate' or Sgate.
Alternative energy research and spatial energy
For research into using the SEC exciter to operate an electrolyser please consult the following document.
Ron has also completed ECAT Energy Conversion by Articulated Transfer research, DIY Air conditioning-Waste-Water-Recovery, Auto Audio Boost Capacitor Test Paper and more.
Dr. Ronald R. Stiffler's documents
Construction and replication tips
The battery and the SEC are one- Short leads, good dress and no filtering between you Exciter and the battery. Don't try right off driving large LED boards while charging. Charge a battery or two and see how the circuit handles. Use the 6 diode 4 LED coupling to charge from the battery foil. The meter will load things down if the ferrites are too small or two big. No capacitors for filtering anywhere.
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